trigger job - carry gun

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Aug 12, 2008
Buckhead Mesa
Lemme ask you guys here an opinion.

I just treated my Security Six to a trigger job at the local gunsmith. Wow. What a difference. Smooth, easy pull... like a new gun!

So now I am thinking of taking my LCR over there. I mean, the DA on the LCR, out of the box, is better than the SecSix was in DA, and it is a lot better than the new S&W 642 I just got. But, having seen the difference on the SS, I like to see how much improved the LCR could be.

So the question is, is there any reason not to have the action smoothed on a carry gun? Some have opined that, in the event the gun needed to be fired in self defense, a prosecutor or lawyer for the bad guys could use that against you... that you had a trigger job done. I am not sure that I buy that argument...what say you all?

I notice that S&W offers a model 642 with a 'factory trigger job'. They've already honed and smoothed the action. Would the aforementioned logic suggest that this would not be a good gun to carry?

Anyway, my friend the local 'smith is looking forward to taking a look at the guts of the LCR, and I am looking forward to the improvement...

Please weigh in with your opinions!