Hodgdon's Universal in the 45-70

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Oct 11, 2005
West Allis, WI, USA
I just scored a newer 45-70 barrel for my H&R Handi Rifle and loaded up a few bullets tonight using some IMR 3031 that I had laying around. No big deal except getting used to using RCBS dies instead of my normal LEE dies.

I am taking my 10 y/o neighbor deer hunting this October during an early doe season and this 45-70 is the only non-scoped rifle that I have other than an SKS or two. I didn't want to tear his arm off the first time he went to the range, so I was thinking about using some Universal that I have laying around that makes a regular appearance in my 45 Colt. I understand that the case capacity isn't even close between the two, but I've seen a number of loads using ~12 gr Unique at about 1100 fps using a cast boolet.

So, anyone use the bullistically almost identical, cleaner burning (debatable), Hodgdon Universal in their 45-70 with good results?

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