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    Canted sight question

    Okay, I'm trying to understand how so many guns with canted barrels get home from the gun store. I don't date a pretty woman if I notice she's missing a tooth, and I don't buy a gun that doesn't look right. Inspect the darn thing and don't get so starry eyed and eager to give someone your...
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    A Flat Top walks into a bar....

    I paid 300 for mine about 20 years ago. It's without box, but I'm feeling blessed to have it. Dan
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    Are these scratches on a new gun enough to justify a call...

    The time to inspect a gun is while it still belongs to someone else. I'm sorry, but the number of people who post about "visible" blemishes after they get home strikes me as unusual. If the dealer does not inspect his "new" deliveries and return blemished items, he should not expect a buyer to...
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    Just got a beautiful S&W 629...with a catch

    I had a "custom" S&W made for me. To do the work, the smith had to "erase" the serial number on the butt and at the completion of the work, restamp it. I'm under the impression that this was legal. If so, the number can be "restamped". Dan
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    Single Six accuracy

    This group has 6 shots in it. As usual, one chamber seems to throw a shot out of the group. Yes, it's rested, but that cluster of 5 shots makes this a fine shooting single action. The distance is 15 yards, which is my max squirrel head distance with open sights. Never tried it at 25, but...
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    Even new .22 SP a Ruger "dud", to me

    Well, personally, I always thought the security six was one of the ugliest pistols ever made. Never could bring myself to buy one. Never liked the Redhawk all that much either. Loved all the single action revolvers, but felt Ruger couldn't quite get past the "Gargoyle" design with their...
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    Single Six accuracy

    1960s Single Six at 15 yards with the cheapest WallMart ammo I can find. Dan
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    44 Mag Vaqueros

  9. DanChamberlain

    Ruger Bear/cat Questions

    I shoot a mixed bag of cheap walmart ammo or sometimes Remington stuff. I don't spend a lot of money on match ammo. I go for value. Right out of the box this Ruger gave me "Squirrel Head" groups in the one inch range at 10 yards which is about how far I stand from most squirrels! These...
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    Dissapointed wtih LCR!

    Hittman, You hit the nail on the head. But not because you're left handed, but because seated in a vehicle, it's darn near impossible for a right handed carry to be useful. In over 25 years of law enforcement, I always carried my off duty piece cross draw! Yet the myths surrounding that...
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    Dissapointed wtih LCR!

    Doug There certainly comes a point of diminishing returns. I suppose one can hide a Freedom Arm mini revolver in the front pocket with total comfort, but would that even begin to make one comfortable? I carried a gun on and off duty for nearly 25 years. I never had one that was totally...
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    Dissapointed wtih LCR!

    Specs Agreed, but unless "Chicago" burns to the ground, they control the whole state. How many Chicago governors are currently in jail, headed for jail, or have been in jail? It's the most blatantly corrupt state in the nation. Dan
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    Dissapointed wtih LCR!

    Perhaps I'm odd, but the privilege of concealed carry seems to come with certain responsibilities. Living in the communist state of Illinois, I'd be willing to wear the right clothing to conceal a weapon, just to have the right to carry. I'd even put a pistol in a bible case if I could. Dan
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    Ruger Bear/cat Questions

    A youth can shoot it, but it's not necessarily a youth's model. I'm an adult and mine is a squirrel hunting son-of-a-gun. So, being a son-of-a-gun, it can be excused for being smaller than its parent. Still, it's one of the more accurate .22 pistols I own, and I have target pistols to...
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    What exact model of 10-22 is this?

    I have one as well. Bought it about 6 years ago. Nicely checkered stock. Very accurate. Dan

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