Superperformance in 6.5X55?

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Apr 2, 2006
So, the latest issue of Shooting Times outed two of my secrets. One of them is the 6.5X55 Swedish cartridge and the other is the Tikka T3. (Theirs was a .243, my the fore mentioned 6.5) Both great and the combo shoots better than I can most of the time. I have used it on hogs and deer with great success. That said, I have my absolute favorite loads but during the latest powder shortage, picked up some Hodgdon Superperformance powder. I plan to try it in my 30-06 and a few other cartridges, but I was wondering if anyone had tried it in the 6.5 Swedish? Hornady makes a Superperformance load it its ammo line, so I'm thinking it must be doable. I have yet to call Hodgdon, but I can't find this powder and caliber in any loading manual. I've had great success with H4831SC, RL22, RL19 and both IMR and H4350, but what is reloading other than an ongoing experiment?

Chief 101

Feb 14, 2007
I use Superformance in overbore cases like 22-250 Rem and i understand that its not ideal for anything that is not listed in the Hodgdon loading specifications. Reloading is good for experimenters, but experiment within the rules set down by the scientists that already did the safety work...there is nothing you are going to do to do within reloading that hasn't been
done before...sometimes not successfully. Hornady's Superformance powder is not necessarily used the the ammo with a similar name...may be confusing but that is what marketing is all about. If it is not specified in their Hodgdon's book for a particular use, don't make up a reason why it should be...peace


Jun 8, 2003
THE specific answer to your question is provided very well indeed in the latest HODGDON 2015 LOADING MANUAL.

And so it goes..

NRA 1944

Oct 7, 2015
I have a Ruger M77 in 6.5x55 and installed a Que industry muzzle brake and compensator on it and mounted a Burris 4.5X14-42mm (1") C4 Plus scope. Worked up a load using Varget powder w/140 GR Sierra Gameking SP to get 2700 fps. to match the Bullet Drop scope cap on the scope. 40.9 gr got me 2670-2685 fps. 41.3 gr breaks the 2700 fps I wanted. I zeroed the scope at 200 yds and after adjusting the muzzle break for barrel vibration have shot 1/4 inch groups at 200yds. I am shooting the same ballistics as the New Ruger precision rifle in 6.5CM

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