Gonna order a new Mark IV tomorrow

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Feb 28, 2013
Western PA
Sounds like a fun day. Would like to see pics of your MK IV when you get a chance.
Here you go. Nothing added ... YET!
I have order the TandemKross GOLD Game Changer PRO compensator for it to match the trigger and the barrel and it shipped this morning.
Jan 5, 2024
Just home from a local indoor range. I bought a MK IV and received it a few days before the end of 2023. It is my first semi-auto pistol as I shot Ruger 22 6-shooters from the 1960's as a child in Texas. I am in CA now and my choice was the Ruger MK IV TARGET or a different gun altogether. I was attracted by the fact that most of my other guns are Ruger's and I like them. The other ( being honest here ) reason I picked the Mark IV was the fact that it breaks down CRAZY EASILY for cleaning. It really does... The only customization that has occurred was the addition of the Ruger version of the Tandemkross https://www.tandemkross.com/halo-charging-ring-rugermkiii-mkiv-2245.

I didn't have any issues charging the gun, but my daughter did and found it easy to pinch the fingers. My instruction to her was to charge it and then drop the bolt. She tried to return the bolt without removing her fingers. - Small pinch... In any case, now that I have it on the gun, I like it too because it is so easy to quickly stick a finger in the ring and charge the gun. Also, if this applies to any shooters in your circle, strong finger grip absolutely not needed with this ring. I actually bought mine from Ruger directly. I know it seems crazy but I wanted the Ruger logo vs the Tandemkross. It is made by Tandemkross and is beautifully machined. The tolerances are impressive and very easy to install if you follow the trick on the Tandemkross you tube video regarding installation.

I have purchased a loading assistance tool also. It depresses the button on the magazine while loading the bullets. My daughter wanted this as it was rough on her fingers. It didn't bother me much, but like the charging ring, once I had it I am glad I bought.
Link to Amazon loader tool

I had been bringing the gun to a range in a Rothco bag I bought an easy 10 Y ago. It was the Rothco Engineers bag and was essentially a purse. It has traveled all over the US and Europe with me. It was not particularly suited to being a range bag and just bought a range bag from Amazon. I bought blue because in blue it doesn't seem to advertise any military or "firearm" content. I like it a lot. I carry two earmuffs. Mine is a Walkers Razor Slim electronic muffs and my daughters non electronic ( purple ) muffs. Both from Amazon. I wear music earphones that fit in ear for slightly more external noise reduction and music while I shoot ( Steely Dan today...) I also carry my daughter's eye protection, the four magazines I got with the Mark IV, a Ruger 6-shooter from the 60's and too many hundreds of rounds. Band-Aids ( an old thread... not completely healed yet as of this post ), a flashlight and probably a few other small items...

In any case, the bag was from Amazon and was very reasonable. It is here:Amazon link to bag.

NONE OF MY LINKS ARE MONETIZED. I post this purely to share what I have learned with my new gun and what I have learned with my return to the sport. The band aids were bought at Walgreens - haha

Here ia a pic of most of what I have put in the bag. Today I removed one earmuff and added a flashlight. The band aids were put in when I first got it!


I hope you find the pistol as much fun as I have. I love how inexpensive it is to shoot the 22LR compared to other rounds.

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