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Dec 25, 2007
In no way am I recommending a 22 rimfire for SD but I do carry an SR22 as a 'chore gun' especially when headed for our north farm where's there's an abundance of destructive varmints.
In the search for an 'adaptive aiming' alternative for Son, I acquired multiple Crimson trace laser devices so I put one on my SR22 also. I have a holster I'd got for him but he didn't care for it so I started using that holster after adding the CMR 201. First thing I noticed is the tricky setup that turns the laser on when the pistol is drawn quickly--didn't even know it had that feature but WOOHOO. Second thing I noticed is just how good this setup is for use in dim light(like inside the barn) and/or instant feedback of where the POA was when the gun fired.
Yesterday a couple of destructive varmints went to vermin heaven as a result of this handy add-on. The darned thing is quick to draw and no extra movement/thought required to initiate the laser. I've not had good accuracy results from the SR22 (probably due to sighting issues) but this changes things considerably. A rat @ 20' or a raccoon @ 20 yards is no longer a 'hit or miss' question.
Is it capable of real life SD? Well, it's better than a pocket knife or vise grips.

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