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Jul 28, 2022
Given the ease of dis and re assembly of the six series, as well as the primary differences among them being the sights and barrels lengths. If someone took a .357 security six and found parts from a police service or a speed six, are the parts completely interchangeable? To be able to keep one gun in mechanic functioning shape for years to come.
May 28, 2004
For the most part… "yes." I did that very thing, and bought a "parts" gun that was fairly complete, less the actual serialized frame.

There are some subtle differences that you might learn the hard way, though- like the front sight blades being different, for the different models.

Better yet, contact Forum member "RoninPA." He's got lots of nice parts for the "Six Series" revolvers. He worked with me to put together a couple of spare parts kits, with "exactly" the parts I wanted. They should keep me shooting for years (decades?) to come… 😎

Ron is a knowledgeable guy, a valuable contributor to this Forum, and a great guy to do business with!!! 👍

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Dec 8, 2005
Lemont, PA, USA 16851
Thank you for the kind words (blush)

Believe it or not, I have found that unless someone abuses their gun, or something really drastic happens, the internal parts of a Six series rarely just go bad. Now that said, any of the parts that touch each other/get rubbed/or get exercised a lot (springs) will go bad over a period of time but if the owner takes just a modicum of time to maintain their gun, I believe they will last with no or very minor repairs for many, many years.

If I were to keep anything available for that freak failure, it would be probably be the hammer spring (mainspring) and trigger spring, cylinder latch and cylinder latch plunger spring, pawl and pawl plunger and spring and possibly the ejector spring. Those parts are fairly small and do a lot of work during use so they are going to wear more.

For the Security Six, maybe, maybe the rear sight blade and maybe a front sight blade but if someone damages these parts something pretty drastic has happened or they just weren't being as careful as they should be. Do people drop guns? Sure, it happens. But if the front sight is getting beat up badly, what else is happening to that particular firearm and what do the owners other guns look like??


Sep 6, 2009
Murphy's Law - If a revolver is ever dropped ., It will land on either the rear sight blade . or the hammer spur .

And if it lands on the spur , it will bend it such that it will no long reach its full travel .

But the make lemonade from lemons part , is that gives you an excuse to either go spurless , or trim to a mini spur .

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