Playing With Mark IV Lite Frame And 5.5 Inch Target Barrel

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Jan 14, 2017
Surprise, Az

While my main gun ( Volquartsen Black Mamba ) is back in for repairs I decided to give a little workout with my backup and one of the barrels I bought from the VQ Bargain Bin. I picked up a 5.5 inch Target Barrel and a 10 inch Barrel. Why? Because I could.

I've been shooting Steel Challenge for a number of years and have shot with a Red Dot sight most of the time. I just like shooting the dots. For a difference I put the 5.5 inch barrel on my Mark IV Lite frame to see how well I can shoot with iron sights. I was pleased to say the least.

After sighting in and getting everything centered I moved the target back to 25 yards. Shooting off hand I kept all shots inside of a 6 inch Shoot & See target. For me that's not too bad. I was never a bullseye shooting with my guns. I saved that for my Archery shooting.

The biggest thing I found today was that with the extra heft of the target barrel the sights never moved off target during recoil. My front sight is a Dawson replacement with a red fiber optic. I like the green better but couldn't find the replacement to put it on today. That sight showed up very well and I felt that I could see it even in the dark of the indoor range. Tracking was smooth and consistent as I tried 4 of my S&S targets on the same backing. Recoil is no problem.

I enjoyed it so much that I'm planning on shooting RFPI at next months match. I still haven't decided if I'll use the 5.5 or the 10 inch. I'm going to shoot the 10 next week. If it's not too heavy I may use it for the fun factor.


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Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
It's always nice when things surprise you in a good way. I also enjoy red dot's,, but they aren't my primary sights. I use scopes & irons in general. Yet,, I have several dots as well. For Steel Challenge, I can easily see how they are the best option for speed & accuracy in that game.
I've been resisting the Carry Optics category in USPSA,, but I have been getting weaker.

Hmmm,,, maybe if I could find a base for my SR9 to make it a Carry Optic gun,,,,,,? I do have a few UltraDot's & a Burris FF.