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Dec 8, 2005
Lemont, PA, USA 16851
Not sure whether to post here or Classifieds to get best coverage

I picked up a Police Marksman Association presentation case years ago, always on the lookout for the revolvers. They only made 1000 sets. The revolvers in a set are:

1 each GA-36T serial number range 156-01001 to 156-02000
1 each KRH-44 serial number range 500-01001 to 500-02000

Well, back in July 2023 I was able to get a KRH-44 s/n 500-01980

So, I was still hunting the GA-36T.

Lo and behold, found one on Gunbroker this week and was able to buy it.
It is s/n 156-01140

So, not a matched set but no holes in the presentation case.

I am now on the hunt for either a KRH-44 s/n 500-01140 or a GA-36T s/n 156-01980

I will swap either of mine gun for gun (as long as they are in as good of condition as mine)

I would like to have a matching set if it can happen. If anyone knows someone who might have one of what I am looking for, let me know and I'll take it from there.

Thank you

I'm going to post this on the ROCS forum and the RCA forum also. Haven't decided what other forums I might use. (wonder how many scammers (not you guys/gals) this will attract
Dec 11, 2002
Ohio , U.S.A.
Good luck Ron, wish I still had my set, it was the 24th set back when I was a "Life Member PMA" and had gotten the set for helping Charlie Dees and his wife run a National Match at the Philadelphia FBI range,,,,sad when they closed up Gulf States distributors and let go of the PMA and it went to "other" holders/owners??? never got or heard anything more till just now when I saw your request, I even did some articles for the PMA magazine,,,,,,hmmm only memories now..........:unsure::cool:


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Mar 28, 2001
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I have an oddball consecutive pair of just the PMA Security Six...
I guess they didn't sell all the cased Redhawk/Security Six combos that they planned to, so I ended up with a consec pair of PMA overrun GA-36T guns, NIB w/shippers.
They are 156-01596 & 7. I don't know if they made all the 1000 of both models, so no idea whether Redhawk 500-01596 & 7 are out there, or whether they were decorated as PMA guns or just sold as normal Redhawks.

I wish I had a pic to post but I guess I didn't bother taking any. Maybe I can dig them out sometime for a few pics.