Mark IV With Some Extras

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Jan 14, 2017
Surprise, Az
After shooting my S&W 617 for Steel Challenge these past 6 months it's time again to take out my Mark IV 22/45 Lite and let it work it's magic.

Uprades include: Volquartsen Accurizing Kit, Volquartsen Bolt, Ruger Fiber Optic Front Sight, Volquartsen Bolt, Cornerstone Grip Safety and Thumb Rest from Bill Striplin, Carolina Crusher Compensator and grips.

This has been my backup gun to my Black Mamba and hasn't been shot that much, probably only 20K rounds and mostly CCI Blazer. It is 100% reliable in all the 15 magazines I use in it.

Trigger pull is measured at 1.7 pounds on average of 10 pulls using my Lyman Digital Scale. Accuracy is superb with rested groups at 25 yards averaging under 1 inch. Standing I can only do 4 - 5 inch groups. At 71 I'm not as steady as I once was and my biggest problem is follow through the shot instead of peeking to see where the bullet is going. I'll work on that.

I had to take my Dremel to the Tandemkross Kydex Holster so that the thumb rest could fit in the holster. That was only a 10 minute job.

What I like most of the Mark IV is the ease of taking it apart for cleaning. Every range session is followed by some MPro7 cleaner and some wooden q-tips to get the burned powder out. The compensator seems to clean itself where I normally have to clean the others I've used about every 500 rounds.

I've got two weeks to sight in and practice with this setup. I'm trying the Fiber Optic front sight instead of my normal configuration with a C-More Red Dot Sight. One goal is to raise my classification in RPFI. I'll be able to do it by calling my shots and shooting at my pace, not rushing to fire shots just because the sight flashes by the target.


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