hornaday 225 FTX 45 colt review.

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Dec 15, 2009
I was being dumb and bought 3 boxes of projectiles before I realized there is not a lot of load data for this bullet. its a new bullet, so I called hornaday to get some advice on load data. I asked for Ruger load data and I got what I assume is standard SAMI 45 colt data. the tech assured me it was Ruger data. and said "this is what Rudy gave me", maybe he meant it was fired thru a Ruger( 7.5 inch). He did not quote a OAL, I should have asked. And he claimed that the data was published, but they are having trouble with their website.

Anyway, they didn't have anything over 1000fps, which is sort of tame for a sub 230 grain bullet. Might as well just bust out the 1911. I had planed to use this "lever revolution" with my marlin 1894CB for longer range, but if it is that slow in a 7.5 inch ruger, I'll stick to what I'm shooting and let thease projectiles sit in my cupboard until they have some decent load data.

This was the data Hornaday gave me:(check with hornaday before using)
Longshot 8.1 to 9.6 fastest 1K
Ture blue 9.1 to 9.9
HS6 9.7 to 10.9
Accurate#5 9.2 to 10.3

I loaded up a dozen pieces of ammo with 10 grains of HS6. Crimped at the front most crimp grove they are longer then normal becasue of the plastic tip and they also seat deep, so they reduce case capacity compared to similar weight bullets. I recall the OAL was 1.68", they fit in my NM blackhawk. and they feed fine in my Marlin 1894CB, but it did reduce my magazine capacity in the marlin from 10 to 9. Maybe the case needs to be trimmed for these special bullets, which would have a direct affect on the validity of the load data hornaday gave me.

I should buy a chronograph someday. Sorry, I can only give seat of the pants feel. and I was just shooting 2 liter bottles of water at 40 yards without a rest. At 40 yards it shot point of aim with my normal cheap lead ammo ( 255 Keith with 12 grains of HS6). I killed every water bottle first shot with the rifle and the Blackhawk. I get lucky from time to time.

on inspection of the water bottles I found one FTX copper jacket that had fully expanded inside one of the water bottles. The lead part of the bullet had separated from the jacket and was long gone. I would think it would be better if they stayed attached to each other and the bullet should been able go thru the water bottle. I really have no experiance with water bottle vs hallow point behavior.


Jun 18, 2008
My guess is that - since you had the jacket and core separate at about 900 fps on a 40 yard shot - these bullets are meant to be used at low velocity and pushing them to something on the order of 1300-1400 fps would just make the bullet fragment all to heck and produce very shallow penetration.

I could be wrong, but that's my unscientific take on it.


Jan 8, 2006
Rock Ridge, Wyoming
The 225g FTX was designed to expand around 1000fps. I dont think it will hurt to push them at +p velocities but they would come apart for hunting as you found on your water bottles. I have used the 200g FTX in a .460 rifle and they are listed by Hornady to run up 2250 fps so they most likely have a heavier jacket. The 200g FTX would probably do what you want and you might find some data for 45 colt.

Ive used lead swc's in my Marlin CB with a good amount of H-110 and was impressed.


Mar 8, 2010
I use the Hornady SST bullet in the muzzle-loader & have been eying up the 250 grn FTX to load in the 45 colt. It's not that I really need the load for anything but I like the way they look. I'd probably look into win 296/H-110 for loads in my Blackhawk.