Florence and me

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Nov 15, 2005
Greenville, SC: USA
This dern hurricane has been a trial to be sure.

The chimney sweep organization I belong to has an annual long weekend meeting the middle of Sept. on Lake Murray just North West of Columbia S.C. every year. This year it was this weekend... starting on Thursday. Well, folks who normally come started bailing on us the first of the week... and by Wednesday we were expecting about half the normal crowd of 70 people. Everybody was watching all the weather reports and the one thing I garnered from them was that the dern storm was not going to move nearly as fast as the experts predicted. And on that I was dead on. A number of us showed up as usual and actually had a pretty good time... no or very little rain until mid day Saturday.... and the same for any wind. We had our annual stump shoot. The dern little bags of Tenerite would not go off and so the guy in charge of mixing it finally just mixed the remaining 10lbs and placed it on the berm behind the targets... folks 2 miles away called the sheriff's office when that thing went off... that along with all the full auto probably had some folks (not the born and raised locals but the imports) quivering. We did some rock work on the front of our on going pizza oven project and ate a lot of good food. One issue was the caterer we hired for our midday lunches... we requested food for 25 people.... probably 20 of us there and when we got through eating all the sandwiches we could there were 50 left... The good news is one of the local folks new of a local food shelter that would take and distribute our 'left overs'.
Most folks headed home early, usually we tear down and pack up on Sunday but this time we did Saturday afternoon because of the forecast and it was raining and starting to blow a tad. I got back home here in Greenville at 6:00 yesterday and all was fine... few small limbs and lots of leaves in the road but nothing close to major. Seems it rained hard last night and blew a little harder. The power in our neighborhood when out at 9:00 this morning and Duke energy sent me a text saying they knew this and expect the next update on my area's status... ready for this? Tomorrow night! Went to the grocery store and every body two blocks over and all the way to the store has power... I'm running by lap top, fiber optic modem and wireless system off of a 12volt booster battery and inverter. I may run to the autoparts store and by another battery ... charge one while using the other... (just hook to the battery in the car and leave the car running)... then with the 1200 watt inverter I also have we could watch Direct TV tonight.
Nov 17, 2009
Webster, MD.
blume357 said:
I've been trying my wife into buying one of those natural gas back up generators for a while now... the ones that come on automatically and also cycle once a week.
Because I am old and sick of filling a gas tank every few hours we spent the money and installed a "whole house" generator. 30 seconds after losing power it starts. Last year we lost power in my area for two plus days. I was the only home in my neighborhood with heat and lights. The generator fired up and ran non-stop for 54 hours. It operates EVERYTHING to include the garage, which is detached from the house. Well worth the outlay. Mine fires up every Monday at noon a runs for 20 minutes to keep the battery charged.


Sep 7, 2005
Eastern Piedmont NC
Fox Mike said:
...we spent the money and installed a "whole house" generator....Well worth the outlay....

Can I assume you have a gas utility line?

Not having utility gas is one of the considerations that has hindered me in get one.

And Florence is keeping me in a hot humid house with standing water all around