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Sep 10, 2006
I bought an OM Single Six years back that didn’t come with a mag. cyl., if it ever came with it originally.
While browsing this site I read about Al Story and Borchardt Rifle Co.’s replacement cylinders.
They offer 6, 8, 10 shot cylinders.
Just for my knowledge, if you change the cylinder to a different “round count”, what else do you need to replace for it to index correctly?


Apr 3, 2009
The Cyl pawl (hand) would be the part that might need changing. Your 6 shot pawl may work with an 8 shot cyl, but definitely not to a 10 shot.

A 6 shot pawl rotates the cyl 60 degrees when the hammer is cocked. And the 8 shot only needs 45 degrees rotation. So the 6 shot pawl may prevent you from cocking the hammer before the cyl latch locks the cyl in battery. But pawl fitting is not exact and their sometimes there's enough tolerance in the action for it to work. Or if you take a little off the height of the bottom 'tooth' of the pawl, you could make it work with the 8 shot cyl. And it would likely still be high enough to work correctly with your 6 shot cyl. I've done a few of these with Ruger cyls, they make a 9 shot magnum cyl and a 10 shot LR cyl.

You should call the Borchardt Rifle Co. and see what they say; I'm sure they've addressed that question many times. Their cyl ratchet teeth are also likely designed with enough tolerance to allow the cyl swap w/o changing pawls.

Or you may want to buy two Story 8 or 10 shot cyls, one each in LR and Magnum.
let us know what you find out.

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