Do you routinely carry more than one gun?

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Do you routinely carry more than one gun?

Post by vito »

While I certainly own more than one gun, I have never carried more than one. Any of the guns that I carry are ones that I have confidence in the functioning properly if needed. But between a wallet, keys, cell phone, pocket knife and one gun, I’m already pretty well loaded down. This all came to mind while earlier on the extended road trip that I am on, I got into a conversation with my neighbor at the RV park where we stopped for the night in Nebraska. His tow vehicle was covered with gun related stickers so I stated that he sure was telling the world he was a “ gun guy”.

This new acquaintance then proudly told me that he loved guns, and always carried at least two,”just in case”. I remarked about the “at least two” statement, and he then showed he the three guns he had on him that moment. He had a Glock 19 on his belt, an LCP in a pocket holster, and a snubbie on his ankle, and added he carried an extra mag for each of the semi’s. I laughed and said I’m amazed that his pants stay up. I’ll admit I felt almost unarmed with just my LC9s in my pocket, almost.

Made me wonder.
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Re: Do you routinely carry more than one gun?

Post by Mobuck »

I can't remember EVER packing 2 handguns. I suppose there is some logic under certain circumstances but I'll stick with one gun and more ammo. If that seems inadequate, I'll go with a long gun to accompany the handgun.
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Re: Do you routinely carry more than one gun?

Post by Bear Paw Jack »

I don't ROUTINELY carry more than one gun. UNLESS I'm traveling. When I'm traveling I've been known to travel with up to three guns, and considering more. People that carry tend to also be proficient at dealing with "what if" scenarios. If you don't do that how can you predetermine what you would do "if" something goes wrong. When you are traveling, help is typically farther away than if you are wondering around in town, the mall, the grocery store, who knows where. Even though I mostly carry a semi-auto, that is "known to be reliable" that does't mean the next round that is supposed to feed (typically) may not and now creates a problem. I also typically agree with Clint Smith...One is none, two is one, and three is just about right. In other words if you are only carrying one and it goes down, you are now at none. If you are carrying two and one goes down, you have the option of a "New York reload". Options are a good thing.
If you leave your wife in the car, truck, RV, what ever while you run into the truck stop for a necessary restroom visit, and get held up, the one gun you have is with you, and you are the least threatened of anyone on your trip.
Just some thoughts. When I totaled my truck last year on a long dark highway, the sheriffs officer that came out to help, was certainly surprised that I had three guns, but waiting for hours for a tow truck, we had plenty to talk about. He was sure he needed a Charter Arms Bulldog in 44 Special like I had.
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Re: Do you routinely carry more than one gun?

Post by WAYNO »

I often carry more than one gun.

A formidable revolver or pistol on my waist, and instead of a reload, I carry a mouse pistol in my shirt pocket.

And a third in my vehicle when I take a road trip. Could be a big revolver or a small rifle. Depending on if I'm headed either urban or rural dictates the selection. During hunting season it could be a fourth, or more. 8)
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Re: Do you routinely carry more than one gun?

Post by blume357 »

Just one.... now I do have more than one in my work vehicle as well as when headed out of town.

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Re: Do you routinely carry more than one gun?

Post by kmoore »

I do not talk about such things. But, if I did one is none, 2 is one.
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Re: Do you routinely carry more than one gun?

Post by Goldstar225 »

In my daily travels I only have one. If my wife and I go on a trip I'll have two, one to arm her with if we have to be separated. If venturing far out in sparsely populated areas with no cell signal I have slipped my Marlin lever action .357 into the truck "just in case".
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Re: Do you routinely carry more than one gun?

Post by NikA »

Interestingly, NM's concealed carry statute prohibits carrying more than one permitted firearm concealed. I have no idea why or whether anyone has every been prosecuted (I suspect not).

When traveling or in a situation where assistance is likely to be unavailable, I almost always have a long gun available in addition to a handgun.
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Re: Do you routinely carry more than one gun?

Post by Jeepnik »

I've mentioned before I have a cool little horizontal holster for my NAA Mini. It rides on the belt. No matter what else I may have it always rides there.
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Re: Do you routinely carry more than one gun?

Post by Pops 1 »

Here lately Beretta PX4 and LCP.
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Re: Do you routinely carry more than one gun?

Post by HW11 »

Absolutely, and more than one pocket knife.
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Re: Do you routinely carry more than one gun?

Post by Pat-inCO »


When you have three out of the last four threads,
are you running out of things to talk about?
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