RW grip frame grips #2 & #3

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Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Once again, trying to document the process of making the RW grip frame fit my gun AND make a set of grips for it,, I have the following. I have drilled the blanks for the grip locator pin after I made sure the upper edges were as close as I dared try & get them. And I also marked the area for the grip screw ferrules and drilled the pilot hole for that.
Afterwards,, having an outline drawn,, I did the rough shape cutting using my jig-saw. I followed that with a little bit of smoothing the rough edges with a sander.

Next will be the reduction of the thickness & shaping the grips to fit my hands.

But here's a couple of pictures after the above work.

RW grip panels 2.JPG
RW grip panels 3.JPG

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