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Dec 8, 2005
Lemont, PA, USA 16851
Well, I'm working on a comprehensive GP100 Model#/Catalog#/Description listing and am researching the Model numbers versus the descriptions and matching them up with the catalog numbers where I can find them.

One that I am 99.9% sure they made but I just can't find a model number. I do contact Ruger at times to help me out but not sure if they will help with just a description to give me a model number but I may have to. Here is the description:

GP100, Blued, .357 mag (or .38 Spl), 3" barrel, full under lug, ADJ SIGHTS (Ruger makes/made one in stainless (model 1708, KGP-131))

The catalog number would/should be GP-131 or GP-331 for the .357, or GP-831 for the .38 Spl

I am sure I heard of this catalog number, and it may have been a TALO, Lipseys or Davidsons special but I'll be darned if I can find anything about it.

Two things, one I would like to get it added to my listing and two, more importantly, I'd like to get one to match my KGP-131 in my GP100 collection.

If anyone can point me in the right direction to search or has any info that I might be able to use to track it down I would greatly appreciate it.


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