New Redhawk grips

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Mar 14, 2005
NW Georgia
I had been contemplating this project for a while. A little over two years to be exact. I've always liked Redhawks but could never find a set of grips I really liked. Then they came out with the roundbutt Redhawks. Only problem was I already had a square butt 45 Colt. Didn't want to trade it for a 45/45ACP and didn't want the 357 model either. Soooo... I round butted my square butt and made a set of grips from some beautiful walnut I was given. They're not perfect but they fit me perfectly.
These are my first wrap around grips and that raised the difficulty level a few notches for sure. I wanted a little, not much, filler behind the trigger guard and an open backstrap. That filler was supposed to go to the triggerguard but an internal flaw showed up as I was shaping the left panel causing the tip to break off. I don't feel it when I grip it. It's only a visual flaw. This was the hardest walnut I've ever worked. Finish is six coats of Tru Oil buffed with 0000 steel wool between coats. As I said, not perfect but I'm happy with the results.