It can be a small world

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Apr 25, 2010
talking to a relative I have not seen in years, Frank told me a story of how small the world can be.

On his 40th birthday his office in San Diego California put up banners, balloons, and had a black cake for him. As they were celebrating he noticed another guy that was taking it all in but not participating. Saying hi to the fellow he recognized, but did not know, the guy said “ when I came in this morning I thought this was for me, Its my 40th birthday”.

Frank congratulated him and asked him where he was born.
The guy replied a small town in Nebraska.
Frank said I'm from Nebraska, what part are you from?
Guy replied a small town called Ord.
Frank was surprised and replied “why I was born in Ord”

When they were born there was no hospital in Ord, population approx 2000. The only doctor in Ord had rooms in his house for patients. As they talked together, they realized they were born in the same house and on the very same day. Now, here they were, working in the same company, in a state far removed from Nebraska. It can be a small world

GA Cracker

Jun 12, 2013
Yes that is coincidence.
I sometimes work in a local gun store. My last name is Dent and my great great grandfather Willis John Dent and three of his brothers fought in the Civil War. A 41 year old man came in and bought two guns and as we talked the Civil War came up. My other great great grandfather John Vanlandingham also fought in the Civil War. As I was telling him both grandfathers were from Wrightsville, GA in Johnson County and about the two Dent cemeteries he became very interested. One of the cemeteries is in the woods. He stated his dad took him to a cemetery in the woods off Underwood Road when he was 11 years old. He said they had a military ceremony with a 21 gun salute for the Civil War veterans buried there. He said his family had relatives buried there that were CWV but he and his dad could not remember how to find the cemetery and lost contact with a man with the last name Price. The Johnson County Dent and Price family were related. I have the directions to the cemetery in my cell phone and was able to give him the directions.
Yes this is a small world sometimes. The following is just a tidbit of info about the Dent cemetery in the woods.
Two of my Dad's sisters are over 90 and still living and their minds are very clear. My grandfather's name was Glenn Dent and he had a sister whose name was Fannie Bell. According to Aunt Opal and Aunt Edna their Aunt Fannie Bell Dent was so mean nobody would have her and she never married. At some point in time some of the bodies were to be moved from the cemetery in the woods to another place. My two aunts said Fannie Bell camped out on the cemetery with a double barrel shotgun and put the fear of God in those that went to move her family's bodies and they were never moved.

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