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Rex Driver

Oct 8, 2007
I got a GP 100 6" stainless and wish to try ICORE shooting, I went to a match and see that "Moon Clips" seem to be the best way to go as far as reloading on the clock as well as ease of finding and keeping brass. I wish to send a cylinder off to have it machined for moon clips, however, I do not wish to limit the gun to shooting only using moon clips, now for the question.

How hard is it to get a second cylinder for the GP and is it hard to get it fitted to perform well in that gun? Are cylinders in new GP 100s interchangeable and would cylinders from two GP interchange without any type of work?

I understand to many long time Ruger Double Action people these might be elementary, bordering on stupid, questions, however, consider the source and have understanding.

My last question is do any of you have any recommendations as to where to get this work done?


Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Well, I haven't done it personally,,, but I've seen a few over the years that were done. I do believe you have the same chances of having an extra cylinder work & align/time correctly as we do with the SA's we find extra cylinders for.
I'd shop around & find a spare cylinder first,,, install it,, and have it checked for timing etc. If that one works,, I'd have it modified.
Now,, I know a local gunsmith who has done several clyinder cuttings for the very reason you wish. (He's a master class USPSA revolver & open class shooter,, so he knows a few things.) If you need him,, contact me.


Sep 13, 2006
in my exp. the 357 cases are too long & get tied up with the moon clip set up but with the rite bullet & practice profecientcy has to come .

wonder if they were using 38spc cases ??


Oct 15, 2001
I bought an extraa cylinder for my GP-100 for exactly the same reason as you. It fit my gun exactly the same as my original and functioned perfectly also without any modification. I never got around to actually getting it cut for moon clips yet as I don't really have the money.


Feb 22, 2007
I have seen that with some moon-clip conversions you can load single rounds if you want. They leave a little lip on the cylinder to catch the rim. The round is not fully supported but is ok in most situations, I believe.
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Feb 19, 2007
+1 what Jimbo said about TK. These are the ONLY moonclips I will buy. In .357 they are brand sensitive and work best with Remington and Federal brass. Starline too. I ruined one clip attempting to load double taps and the outside diameter was just a bit to big.

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