DIY Cylinder Jig

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Dec 8, 2005
Lemont, PA, USA 16851
I built this jig for when I was refurbing Six Series revolvers. Pretty easy to do for a DYIer. I used a spare ejector rod and spare ejector. Thread the ejector rod shank 12-28, find a washer and nut that fits and you'er done. Take the cylinder out and dissemble it. Unscrew the ejector rod from the ejector of your jig, insert the ejector in the cylinder. Screw the ejector rod back in, and tighten the nut and washer. Check to make sure everything is plumb, chuck in a drill press and it's ready to spin and clean up the cylinder easily.

You can probably do the same thing with a SA Ruger cylinder even easier, just thread an old or spare base pin, use a nut and washer on both ends and there you go. You could also use threaded rod that fits the cylinder but I like a non threaded part for putting into the drill press chuck, less chance of not being held correctly. So you could get non threaded rod and thread it also, but I'd bet that SA owners have old base pins laying around.