Finally found another ROA I could afford

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Jan 29, 2009
Southern KY
On a whim my wife and I stopped in a local pawn/gun shop this afternoon. Said I was hoping to run across an Old Army stainless. Clerk was very nice and took me to the display case with all the Rugers he felt he had. No ROA --no suprise to me. I continued to browse when I spied an old, somewhat beat up long yellow cardboard box tucked back on the lowest shelf at the other side of the shop. Sure enough, there lay a nice 7.5 inch adjustable sight ROA stainless with instruction book but no nipple wrench. Price on tag was $450-- too steep for me. A little friendly negotiation and we settled on $385 out the door. Has a few shiny spots from riding in the box so long but appears to have never been fired, or very gently shot a few times. Ruger site dates it to 1982-1983 manufacture. Now have a project gun. Will buff to a high shine as with my other ROA and make and install a lanyard ring. Looking forward to some fun.

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