Dropping In For Sunday Chicken Dinner

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Sep 1, 2003
Richmond Texas USA
Hey Guys
After reading a post about help from strangers when help is required it brought back some old memories.
I posted this in the political section under that thread that shows there are still good people to help when you need help.
This is about a Farmer and family helping me when I needed help. There are still good folks around rather than the type that want to sue you or get upset because you are trespassing.
I know a lot of you don't go to the political section so here you go.

Now you are going to have to listen to my Sunday Chicken Dinner story
On one Sunday morning in1974 a friend and I were coming back from a fly-in in my Starduster. The weather had gotten quite a bit worse than forecast, now can you believe that, and the visibility went to crap. That makes it very hard to navigate when you can't see much of the ground and you are flying over the East Texas Piney Woods and you don't have a radio to navigate with.
So Pilot Guy ME decides to land in farmer's field to get directions and tell us where we are before we run out of gas. No big deal EXCEPT Pilot Guy picked a field that looked good from the air but not so good on the ground. A little rough and wet. well rough enough to break one of the big rubber bands/bungees on the gear shock system. Not good but not real bad.
Well nice farmer guy comes out and tells me he can get his tractor and pull the plane to a dry path that he uses to get to his other pasture. OK so we do that.
Now it's time to get dinner/lunch of fried chicken and mashed taters with gravy along with sweet tea. Pilot guy is still a little in the dumps from being STOOOPID. Well farmer has a 7-8 YO son that wants to know all about the plane and flying. He found the right thing to talk about to cheer up stoopid pilot guy for sure
Anyway I ask nice farmer if he has any rope or something to hold the gear legs together.
Sure how about a "come-a-long". Wow that will work great we can attach each end at the bottom of the gear legs and it will hold it in place
Since the path was kind of short and we were only about 30 miles from our airport farmer drove friend to our airport since I needed the plane as light has possible for the short takeoff.
Oh to make it a little bit more exciting of a takeoff. An old cow had fallen down in the ditch next to the path and couldn't get up because of the slick mud. Just my luck the wing had to pass over said cow. So friend lays on top of cow to keep her from raising up so pilot guy can blast off for home. I was told wing and Eng. noise didn't even bother the old cow. Probably the shortest takeoff I ever made. Now my concern was if the come-a-long was going to act as a tail hook on landing, but on the wrong end. Nope worked out great.
Moral to the story pick better fields but still have chicken dinners. :)

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