CarryHawk holster recommendation

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Jun 5, 2003
First of all, I have no relationship with this maker other than as a recent customer... so there's that...

Secondly, if this maker is already know here, sorry for that. Just take the following as a review of his work.

I have more than a couple of BlackHawks and Vaqueros in my safe, and recently picked up a CarryHawk to take hiking / camping as I expect to be doing more of that due to my pending retirement and a sack full of grandkids.

Well, I have a couple hundred rounds through it now in both LC and ACP, and I am very pleased with it so far. I intend to use it with #4 shotshells in LC when snakes may be displeased with our presence, and ACP when plinking since I have been loading those for many years and have a supply.

My only issue, the front sight height is a holster issue. So, I went in search of a holster for it. I am not a cross-draw person normally, but my strong side field holsters can get in the way when carrying a rifle or even some backpacks.

Long story short, I found this maker on Etsy of all places. The pictures of his stuff looked excellent and the reviews were even better. I have bought a lot of holsters in the last 40 years from a lot of different makers at a LOT of different price points. You usually get what you pay for (if you are lucky). I have purchased low end holsters on Etsy before and they have usually been rough, but serviceable.

That is not the case here. These are certainly not LOW end, either in price or quality. BUT... the price point turned out to be one of the best values I have run across in a while.

I have two holsters from this maker now, both the same model, called the Trail Holster. One for the CarryHawk, the other for my Glock 20. He only had straight drop stongside listed for this holster, but I contacted him and asked about cross-draw, a 1.5" belt loop instead of his normal 1.75 - 2", and about the CarryHawk fitment. He said he could work up a pattern for the cross-draw, loop size was no problem, and he told me what measurements he would need to verify he could build for the CarryHawk. I sent him those measurements and he responded that he did not think the CarryHawk would be an issue, and he had a mold he would build up to the spec I sent and build for that. He also stated that if it didn't fit, he would make it right, even if it meant making another holster. Very quick and friendly responses all along the way. I placed the order.

In under two weeks from the order time, I got back the following.


These are as well build and nicely finished as anything I have ever purchased, even at considerably higher price points. Stitching was tight, straight, and even all around, perfect fit on both guns and the CarryHawk fit could not have been better if I had sent him the gun. All of the edges are perfectly finished and they are lined, with the inside being just as nicely finished as the outside. The mouths are slightly flared for re-holstering, and the belt loop sizing works great on my 1.5" gun belts. I could not have been more satisfied with the results even at significantly higher prices.

Again, I have no skin in this game, just very pleased and wanting to pass it on to others. It seems that MOST of what he offers are field type holsters, at least on Etsy. I noticed he as a Facebook page as well and I did see a couple of concealment holsters on there, for autos.

I will be a return customer without a doubt, likely for a flap holster next. I am not one to review everything I buy which is evident if you look, by the date I joined here and my total number of posts. But this particular experience was exceptional.

His Etsy site is here.

He is worth checking out.

BT, or Bewf, or BloodyThumb... if you're not into the whole brevity thing.