Another LCP Max success story

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Trooper Joe

Dec 8, 2007
Picked mine up two days ago. When I racked the slide back (on an empty gun) it would not hold open. I thought, “No problem” one call to Ruger and they will send a new mag.

Headed for the range and was pleasantly surprised. Loaded 5 rounds and shot it. The slide stayed back back on the last round. It also stayed back when I hand cycled the slide. Must have had a small burr on something when I tried it at the dealer.

Each group of 5 I shot got better the more I shot it. Either the gun or me was getting broke in quickly.

Got it home, cleaned it, and got one of the new 12 round magazines the next day. It also held the slide back when I hand cycled it. Also, I was able to load 10 and 12 rounds respectively in each magazine with no trouble. In addition, I could insert each loaded magazine in the gun with the slide closed with very little resistance.

The Max fit into a DeSantis pocket holster I used for my original LCP perfectly. I did order and tried out on of the BoraII holsters for a LCP II. It fits correctly and is an interesting item. Will be using that for a pocket holster for starters.

This will replace my Sig 365 for pocket carry since the Sig is just a little on the large side for that.

By the way, I never liked shooting the LCP since it was so “snappy”. The LCP Max is very pleasant to shoot.

Just some thoughts,

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