2 cast boolit hunting loads for 30-30 leverevolution powder

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Feb 19, 2007
Since California is banning lead, I decided to go hunting with cast boolits this season...screw your condor you bureaucratic peter puffers.

Worked up some loads and tested them into rubber mulch. I used Larry Gibson's work with Leverevolution powder in 30-30 as a starting point to work up loads. Everything was done in a 20" Marlin (Remlin) that I got pretty cheap by California standards.

For the 311041 boolit, My starting load was 32.5 grains of LVR powder for 2145 fps, 33.5 grains for approx 2200fps (just shy), and 34.5 grains for 2275fps this was a 102 degree day. I used 2400 for the 1700fps shot and unique for the 1300 ft/sec shot... which showed no expansion. This boolit drops at 184 grains sized lubed and checked.

On this boolit I cast with clip on ww and added enough tin for good fill out. I rigged up a wire mesh utensil holder to hold the sized/gas checked boolits upright and heat treated in convection oven for one hour at 450 degrees then water quenched only to the depth of the top driving band, but I let the tip air cool. At the fastest velocity the bullet acted like a partition with the mushrooming stopping at the shank. (far left on picture below) At 1700fps the next boolit) there is still expansion, though not as violent... the drop chart shows 1700fps to be at about 150 yards. At 1300fps, the boolit exhibits no expansion whatsoever...but that is corresponding to distances beyond 250 yards...on a gun where I won't shoot game beyond 150 yards.


Top view to give an idea of expansion


The Mihec 154 grainers were poured from the same alloy as the 311041 boolits. I just heat treated the whole boolit at 425 deg for an hour and water quenched the whole boolit. I LOVE the big wide meplat on this boolit and would love to see it offered deep enough to load like the 311041 boolit into the 30-30.... but I digress.

I started at 36 grains of lvr with the intention of working up to 40 grains as Larry Gibson did for the 150 grain power points mentioned in his article. I stopped at 39 grains and pulled the boolits from the cases with 40 grains.

At 36 grains I got 2375 ft/sec, 37 grains 2425 ft/sec, 38 grains got to 2475 ft/sec and 39 grains got things cooking at 2545 ft/sec with NO flattened primers. I decided to stop there, as these are values from a 20" barrel.

Here are the results at 2500 ft/sec impact velocity... sorry, I lost the boolit with 1800ft/sec impact but it's giving good expansion at about .4" No leadding. Everything sized to .310"

top view


I have a bunch of the hollow pointed Mihec boolits with 50% Pb added and just air cooled. They are also 154 graines sized/gas checked/lubed too. I'll post results once i load those up. Should be some good pink mist/coyote popping fun with those deep hollow points.

Bucks Owin

Mar 22, 2004
51st state of Jefferson
I wasn't aware that MP even made such a mold! I LOVE Miha Previc's artistry in brass, my .45 270 SAA clone is the nicest mold I own and I own quite a few. Guess I better head over to his website! Thanks for the heads up and fine report. 8)

Not to hijack the thread but I'm about to try some 5744 behind the 311041. Anybody have any input on charge weight and results? :?

Chuck 100 yd

Mar 20, 2010
Ridgefield WA
Bucks, I have used 5744 in the .30-30 and accuracy was very good but I quit using it due to the amount of unburned grains of powder left behind. They find there way into the chamber causing dented cases when another round is fired . A minor issue ,I know,but it bugs me to no end. I get just as good accuracy from 2400 and it's much cleaner burning.
5744 is cleaner burning when loaded to top end levels but when I load top end loads I find there are lots better powders to choose from. Varget for example,one of my favorite powders.
I have not yet tried Leverevolution as the OP suggests. I need to check it out.

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