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    What Is Your Favorite Full Size Auto???

    G 19-4 and P89.
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    Best 22Lr ammo for self defense

    I think the CCI Stinger is a very good .22 choice. It is very reliable and a little bit more powerful as most other .22s. A .22 pistol will be o.k. for an angry cat but it will not be able to fend off an (angry) human attacker. May be that the attacker dies after hits from a .22 pistol, but the...
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    22 cal. mark which one?

    I highly recommend the MKII KMK512 which is super precise and has still no loading indicator or mag safety. Before you buy one check carefully the barrel, it has to be completely smooth! Otherwise the build up of lead in barrel will get rapidly.
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    If I could have only one!!!!!

    This question occupies me often too because the gun laws get stupid and stricter more and more in our Country. I own many guns and love all of them. But in the case of an ultimate decision other criterias are important to me. The reliability will be over aesthetics. A simple, robust design is...
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    Cylinder Gap on Ruger Super Blackhawks?

    :oops: I meant of course 0,006!
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    Cylinder Gap on Ruger Super Blackhawks?

    One more thing: There are several factors which are important for the precision of a revolver. Very important is the barrel too. I had now three SRH and all of them has had a barrel-problem. Their barrel was in the thread-area too tight. Which results to a poor precision, because the projectile...
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    Do I need a Redhawk?

    As some have said here, a Redhawk you need! It is an extremely robust revolver in a beautiful classic shape, built to last forever. I was lucky to get one in high gloss finish about 20 years ago :-)
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    Cylinder Gap on Ruger Super Blackhawks?

    Hi jam66, as I know, the cylinder gap has only little or no effect for precision. The measurements given by you are great and very closely, I've never seen a Ruger revolver whitch had such a narrow gap. Usually a gap of 0.06 is fine and common, for Ruger revolvers rather more. For good accurracy...
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    p345 misfire

    And please do not forget when dryfire a P345, always put in a magazine!! Otherwise the firing pin will not work and the gun can be damaged!
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    p345 misfire

    For me it sounds like the hammerspring is too weak, maybe someone replaced the original hammer spring? You should also check if the firing pin sticking out long and strong enough. You can test it with holding the gun vertically to the top and insert a pencil into the unloaded gun barrel. If you...
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    Revolver Recommendations for CCW

    Hi mogtbiker, take even a look to a Taurus 85 on your short list. Since many years I have one in stainless and it is a very reliable little snubbie. But Taurus has a lot of lemons out there and you have to check the revolver very carefully before buying a Taurus. If the Taurus ist made well...
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    My P89 vs P95's

    blume357, the P89 and also the P95 are exceptionally good guns. For several decades, I am interested with handguns and I've shot and inspected many guns. Per year I shoot about 5000 rds with my various guns and my P89 pistol thrills me again and again. The P89 is very well balanced, better as my...
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    Super Blackhawk

    Yes, they are pretty fine guns!
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    Super Redhawk vs. Redhawk

    I have a 5.5" Redhawk and a 9.5" Super Redhawk, both in caliber .44 Mag. For me, the grip of the SRH is more comortable to shoot. The grip of the Redhawk does not cushion and the whole recoil must be taken from your hand. By shooting heavy loads the RH feels harder as with the SRH. Visually I...
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    I'm not unfaithful ruger but...

    Last night I disassembled the Uberti and inspected it closely. I do this with all weapons, because I'm curious how the weapons are built. As a former metal worker and lathe operator I am very interested in workmanship. The finish is very nice, only the inner surfaces of the barrel are not as...

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