Wooden cylinder storage boxes update see my post in the Classifies.

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Dec 3, 2021
Note, I'll be posting photos and prices in the classifieds.

I don't know about our other members but I have several convertible single action. The 9 single action custom guns I've been trying to complete seems like it is taking longer than I would have liked. The last one has had some issues for sure, the Bisley GF had developed a crack and needs to be replaced. But oh well, it'll get done sooner or later.

Anyhow 5 of the 9 are convertibles and the extra cylinders just stay tucked away off in some corner of the safe. I was wondering what I could come up with to keep them all in one place, maybe a nice storage box that I could set out on my desk/office/gun room and enjoy looking at. When away I could stash it away in the safe.

While shopping for some wood at the specialty wood store, I ran into a really pleasant guy while we were in the store. We got to talking, he used to be an Iron worker/Pipe fitter but could no longer apply his trade. He was run down leaving a job site by a drunk driver, having no insurance or any assets he could go after. John is unable to climb and bend and twist so he's making things in his wood shop, a darn nice wood shop. I was telling him what I was thinking and he invited me over and we started making some saw dust with some cheap wood before moving forward with some good stuff. I don't know if any of you have purchased any walnut or other wood species, but it seems the cost is high. A 4 foot, 6 inch wide, 3/8 inch thick piece of walnut is running 25 to 33 bucks per board depending upon the grade. But what hasn't gone up the past 3 years.

The finish product I/we came up with. The middle shelf is clear poplar drilled to support Ruger base pins to hold the cylinders in place, the rest is select walnut. I had an older Ruger pin I used to decorate the top of the box. It has hand rubbed 3 coats of Danish wood oil. For the first one out of the shoot, it turned out pretty darn nice for my single six cylinders.

John wants to and is building some more boxes for a single, double, triple, quad cylinders. He asked if I'd put them up on our classified section. He said if the price is right and some of you want one, he would ship it out, you could take a look see and if you thought they were worth it, send the funds plus shipping or send it back.

Cylinder Box IMG_2050.jpg

Cylinder box IMG_2051.jpg

Cylinder Box IMG_2053.jpg

Cylinder Box IMG_2055.jpg
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