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Aug 31, 2012
Last August 2012, I purchased my first SR1911 from my LGS, with the understanding that I would receive the pistol around the Christmas holidays.
As we all know what happened in December 2012, my purchase was delayed until "who knows when".
With demand going thru the roof, delays from mfrs, my LGS could not tell me as to when he was going to receive the SR1911.

They did offer me a refund to be fair - but I wanted the pistol.

So the wait began....months went by, and being in touch with the LGS with no news as to when they were going to receive their shipment from their Ruger Distributor.

BTW the thought did cross my mind that since my purchase of the SR1911 was at an excellent price, that the LGS received it, and sold it at the prevailing market rate to make a couple of $$ more.

I am a patient person, and after 8 months of waiting and understanding what's going on in the market, I decided to be pro-active with Ruger Corporation in Prescott AZ.
Customer service advised that they were shipping their products on a regular basis to their distributors.

I was told that the way it works is that their large distributors have precedent over the small LGS...so it trickles down. I told customer service of how long my wait has been, and that I did not care to get involved in their politics since I am a long time Ruger customer.
Their solution was for me to contact Ruger's CEO by email.
I immediately sent an email to the CEO explaining my predicament in purchasing their product...within 48hrs I received a call from Ruger's Regional Sales Manager apologizing for the delay I incurred, and that a pistol was being shipped out that very same day to a distributor ---who in turn will be shipping to my LGS!

A follow up email was sent to me confirming the above.
Two days later my LGS called to confirm delivery of my SR1911.
Happy 4th!


Jul 4, 2013
You are a patient person!

That is a great example of a corporation's loyalty to its customer base. Thank you for sharing.

Happy 4th to you and I hope you enjoy your SR1911!


Apr 3, 2012
From what I have seen my LGS, has received and sold at least 100 SR1911's both Government and Commander since the time you first ordered yours. I think the distributors are the problem. I'm glad you finally got yours, and that Ruger took care of you.

I don't know if I should say Merry Christmas, or Happy Fourth of July! Either way I hope you enjoy you new gun. Ed.


Dec 4, 2000
Westerville, Ohio
I've own Rugers dating back to the early 70's and have had only one issue that I can remember and that was with a P97. It went back to Ruger and they returned it fixed in less than 7 days.

My last two purchases of Rugers were the SR 1911 and the SR 1911 Commander. They both are carried regularly.

I'll continue to by Ruger whenever I can.