The elephants memory

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Jun 13, 2008
RIVERSIDE, OH, Home of the Air Force Museum
Seeing, the other day, the video of the Male African Lion and the lady who nursed him back to health when he was desperately ill, reminded me of an article I read many years ago about a similar situation. This story was about an African Elephant and his unbelievable memory.

Harold, who was a wildlife manager in New Jersey had an opportunity to go on a Tourist type Safari in Central Africa and he jumped on it. Everything was great touring around in the jungle observing all the scenery and the animals. One day he spied a baby African Elephant lying on his side by the lake. Curious, Harold goes over an finds the youngster had stepped on a sharp spike and it was embedded in his front foot. Harold borrows several tools from the bus and patiently removes the spike. When Harold helps the Elephant up on his feet he is so happy he immediately bonds with Harold and they spend a couple of days romping around the lake having a good time. Harold calls him BooBoo.

Then its time to go and Harold gives BooBoo a big hug and swears he will come back some day and they will meet again.

Six years later Harold has saved his money and signs up for the same Tourist Safari. Not being sure that he can find BooBoo again Harold is very doubtful. But as luck will have it, one day near the lake he hears a loud trumpet call and he looks around and sees this magnificent African Elephant with the giant ears standing proudly in the field.

Yes! Harold had found BooBoo once again and he leaped from the Bus and runs across the field to greet his long lost friend. At the same time BooBoo also comes running to Harold. They come together there by the lake and BooBoo grabs Harold up, slams him to the ground and stomps him to death.

It was not the same Elephant.