The Amazing Ruger LCR 9mm

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May 29, 2011
Back about a decade ago, Ruger released the Snub nose LCR9mm. I jumped on it. The idea of having a snub in this caliber was too much to resist. Now all these years later I can say this. It is my most favorite FUN gun to shoot, the most enjoyable. I look forward to every single range session more than any gun I have ever owned. This was my first Snub I had shot in many years and to be Frank, I was terrible. But keep at it, and over they years I became one with the gun.

First of all the build quality is absolutely top quality, solid, and time has proven that he can go the distance. The Trigger is incredibly smooth, deliberate, a sweet roll.
The gun has a perfect balance. I have spent my lifetime honing point and shoot skills and this gun is a master at that particular art of shooting This is a gun that after mastering it, you will not have to look at any sight at 7 yds. Just quickly point it at the center mass and the bullet will find it's mark.
My typical range session is 40 moon clips (200 rds) I load the night before. This gun when shooting just gives a feeling that you cannot really describe. It is Honest, True, reliable. and fast.
Things I like:
The recoil is on this side of Pleasant. Just a tad more than the 38. The ballistics are Ideal, As good or Better than a Micro9mm. None of the harsh recoil of the 357 or 327. None of the loudness of the 357 or the Flash. Moon clips are cheap and fast to load. Easy to carry additional clips. I have always said, "If the Gun Gods came down and told me all I could carry would be a 5 shot Snubbie, it would not bother me at all."
As Hickok45 said about Snubbies, "There is just something about them".

And no wonder, this is my favorite Plinker



I carry the LCR when I am in the woods, hiking or hunting. I asked my Doctor for advise for a way to carry and protect the ammo, He gave me this prescription below.
May 29, 2011
When I was teaching my son to shoot, and we went from single shot rifle in on up. Through the different pistols etc, I thenbought him a Ruger LCR22, and told him, take this, shoot it well and you will shoot any gun just fine. (and for sure he does)
The is my favorite Plinker of all time, just like the 9mm. I had never ever, thought that a would be a defensive weapon until one day when shooting some hot Aguila Interceptors at some clays I set up, it dawned on me, that dang I would hate to be shot in the neck and face with 8 fast rounds of those things.
And that is the thing. You can shoot this gun so often with the cheap ammo that you can get amazing results from so much practice. Fast shots to the face and throat.
We also like for fun, to set up clays on the 50 yd berm. Just sit back and have some fun!

LCR22 with LCP22 Learn the short barrel. Hone your point and shoot skills.



Jun 10, 2012
East TN
The medicine bottle works, but it's hard to work one handed. 35mm film
bottles like this:

and are easy to thumb open with one hand. By placing the moon clip in as shown, you can dump
straight for the bottle into the cylinder with practice. You can but these on Ebay by the dozens for
next to nothing.
It is a great little pocket revolver, 19.1 oz loaded and 9mm power.


Oct 8, 2014
I have a .38 special LCR and it is a good gun but not lovable. Moon clips are a pain to carry where speed strips are easy. It is a great gun but not lovable and my wife refuses to shoot it because of recoil with even standard .38 special.
May 29, 2011
Moon clips pain to carry? Actually quite easy, in pocket or pouch like the one in the original picture above. Some of the nylon carriers can even carry 4 clips very easily



That said, I do not find either caliber hard to carry extra rounds
Here is a old cell phone holder with a belt loop and clip that I can easily take on or off my belt for my 38

I also like these for 38

I can carry two of these in the same Belt pouch I carry two of the moon clips. Two moon clips or two of these .

May 29, 2011
I remember this video from 5 years ago. Back then it generated a lot of bad comments from 357 friends. (remember he is talking about 2" barrel)



Plinker and accumulator
Aug 25, 2023
Fairfax Co. Virginia
The 9mm LCR or LCRx is on my shopping list for my next handgun. I already have the LCR in 22 LR and 357 Mag and the LCRx (with exposed hammer) in 327 Mag and 38 Special. I NEED one (either kind) in 9mm.
I reload for 38/357 so I can make ammo for them, but it is good to have a 9mm just in case I'm away from home and ammo gets scarce again.