Testing my Mark IV with different barrels and ammo

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Jan 14, 2017
Surprise, Az

I took the crowd out today and played a little with loads and accuracy. Off the bench, at 25 yards with the 10 inch barrel I had little problems keeping all rounds inside of 2 inches.

I then shot the 5.5 inch barrel with iron sights at an 8 inch Shoot & See target keeping all shots within 6 inches firing from the sitting position free hand. ( I am either in my wheelchair or sitting when I shoot because I still don't have any upper body strength ( Working On It Though ).

Next came the Bronze setup with the C-More. Again 25 yards but this time I kept then all inside of 5 inch shooting as soon as the dot hit the center of the target.

I tried CCI-Blazer ( The Hottest Loads I had ) Tac 22, and CCI-SV. All groups well). I could see how much my Carolina Crusher Muzzle Brake was working, with all the smoke being deflected straight up but I could really feel the difference in recoil between the Tac 22s, SVs and Blazers.

Next match I think I'm going to use either the SVs or my remaining stash of Eley Club. They shoot better than the SV but I've had a few light sounding loads over the past few months. All bullets did clear the barrel but it makes me worry. It may have just been one box.


Dec 25, 2007
Those groups are quite good for shooting w/o a solid sand bag support. I enjoy turning on the red dot and putting the first shot right on target.
When I got my 4" 22/45 III, I wasn't happy with the accuracy. After a bit of frustrating break-in, I mounted a 4X scope and a muzzle extension/weight to allow more solid seating on the sandbags. Results were amazing with occasional 100 yard groups in the 3-4" range. Swapping to a full VQ upgrade "lower" gave consistent 3-4" 100 yard groups. Last winter, I handed this pistol to my friend who claims to be a "good pistol shooter". After one magazine, he tried to buy the gun or at least find one like it.

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