"tacticool" scopes?

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Jul 30, 2009
Tacoma, WA
What kinda scopes are you guys using on your Nortic's and SR22's? I want to get something that fits the gun yet is not a cheap POS. I have up to say $150 to spend on the scope and the mount. I was looking at a NcStar but then started to read some bad reviews.

I am not to picky about my optics, I have simmons 22 mag scopes on my 10/22 and am happy with them, but I stuck one against the SR22 at the gun shop and it looked very out of place.

I want something that is at least a 4x (but preferably 3x9) so I could hit a target at a distance (I cant figure out what all these 1x scopes are for, wouldnt iron sights do the same job?)