super blackhawk problem

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Tommy Kelly

Apr 24, 2008
I have 3 super blackhawks and 1 of the pistols the cylinder pin will jump out when shooting the others don't have this problem. with the same loads. I can't figure it out the pin latches up fine or seems to you cant pull it out without releasing it. I took it down and there was a shiny spot where the latch goes on the top edge of the grove so I figured it wasn't seating right. So I took a round file and opened the grove a little so the latch would fit better but it still comes loose when shooting. With the cylinder removed everything seems fine you cant budge the pin with finger pressure without mashing the release. Is there something I'm missing. This gun is in great shape and hasn't been shot much at all. The pin will be out about 1/4" after each shot and will push back in easily and latch up seemingly fine but after each shot it is loose again. I have 10 ruger single actions and this is the only one that does this. What are your suggestions for a fix. I really don't want to return it for repairs to ruger if its a simple fix I can do.


Apr 23, 2008

it could be that the spring on your base pin latch is weak. Wolf sells some stronger springs that might help. Midway USA carries them.

Also, you can order an oversized base pin from Belt Mountain and one of their hardened steel base pin latches.

Actually to narrow it down for you, take the offending revolver and swap out the base pin latchspring from one of your "good" revolvers. See if that fixes it. If it does, then just order some new springs (either factory or the Wolf) if not then move on to a new base pin. and then maybe the hardened cross pin.

good luck

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