SP101, pretty new, gap in factory grips

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Apr 20, 2011
Ive had my sp101 now for about a month, finally found some gold dot short barrel rounds for her but anyway...

So after cleaning and polishing a few times ive noticed that there tends to be some play with the factory rubber grips, if the grip screw is not tight the grips can be rocked back and forth a decent amount

With the screw tight the grips seem to be fine with movement but where the grips meet the handguard you can see the cutout corners of the grip since its a square cutout and the handguard is curved. This being said there seems to be a little space in between the frame and the grip where it meets the handguard.

Just wondering if you guys noticed this. Looked at a bobbed 2 in and spurred 3 in at the store today and they seemed to have the same gap, its not a huge concern, like the gun a lot more than I thought I would, but its just something I noticed and was going to contact ruger before I saw it in the other guns today

Side note, nice wood panels dress up the gun drastically, and Mothers polish is great for SS guns, less than 10 bucks and a couple hours of your time will remove a lot of scuffs and scratches, including ones that the guns came with new! adds a tiny bit of shine each time also