Some wildlife, fireworks and a train

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David LaPell

Sep 14, 2008
Upstate NY
Been pretty active with the camera lately. I just went to a photo shoot last night with the local fire department trying to get an article done with their 30 plus year old brush truck which is still in service. But in the meanwhile just been getting some good shots here and there of some other things.

I spotted this Garter snake while walking across the front lawn, he wasn't very big, about 7-8 inches overall. Stayed still long enough to get a decent picture or two.

A week later this Leopard frog was seen hopping across almost the same spot. I haven't seen one around these parts for more than ten years.

At the local beach I noticed off to one side a pumpkinseed sitting over a small sandy spot, turns out they are spawning. Was a little tricky to get the picture but here it is.

Went to the fireworks show last Saturday (our town does it after 4th of July so the locals don't have to fight the tourists for spots) and got a few good pictures including one weird one that everyone I have shown is talking about. I haven't done anything to it except adjust the color and brightness. You'll know what I mean.

My son and I visited the local train museum earlier and snapped this shot of one of their yard engines.

Jan 20, 2008
Orange County, CA
Love those critter pics! I used to run into Leopard Frogs hunting the grasshoppers in the tall grass near an informal range I used in a State Forest in upstate NYS. They would pursue a hopper until they caught him--those little guys can really HOP!

And the smaller sunfishes make good aquarium fish, especially when they're in their mating colors--little gems! Seems like the smaller species have the brightest colors.

Keep these a coming! Really enjoy them!

Mike Armstrong

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