Ruger service came through

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May 6, 2016
south Texas
I bought a new GP100 MC in 10MM and have not been able to shoot it for a while due to health problems. In getting ready for some 10MM load development, cast bullets, I took the grip off as part of new gun cleaning routine. The grip was extremely difficult to get off the gun but I finally got it off and blew out the internals with gun scrubber to remove any packing oil. I then oiled the internals with synthetic gun oil and attempted to get the grip back on. The fit was extraordinarily tight and I could not get it to come up the last 1/2" to seat properly. I installed the grip screw and tightened it down to pull the grip up to flush. . Approximately 1/4" before the grip seated I heard and audible "pop" and after inspecting the grip I found two vertical cracks in the grips. I contacted Ruger CSR and she requested a photo of the cracks so I sent one in. After a few days Casey e-mailed me that the grips would be replaced and I could do what I wanted to with the old grips.
Well today , about 1 month later, I received the replacement grips and they are good looking heavily figured walnut grips. Ruger service did come through for me and I am thankful !


Apr 20, 2018
Ruger has always treated me right have sent several 44-40s back to have cylinder throats opened up and the last one they reblued the cylinder as well.