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Oct 4, 2022
Pittsburg, Texas
Interesting how Ruger records apparently are. I requested several letters and some letters list the model designation and others just say "Blackhawk" or "Single Six". The two letters that I was most anxious to get in, so as to confirm the guns configurations, were for consecutive 10 inch 44 Flattops. 23204 letter states BKH40 left the factory May 1960 but 23205 states only "Blackhawk" which also left May 1960. Two different distributors in CA.
Curiosity got the better of me so I emailed records:
got this

"Our bound books, prior to computers, show the production date, ship date and who it was shipped to. They do not reflect the catalog numbers like BKH-40. For that information I need to look at the original paper invoice it was shipped on.

When you receive a letter of authenticity with the model gun listed instead of the catalog number (BKH-40) that means one of two things.

The first is that the original invoice simply says Blackhawk. Early on we did not use catalog numbers.

The second is that we do not have the original invoice for that shipment and without it we can't authenticate the catalog number.

For the letter we sent you for Blackhawk serial number 23205 we do not have the original invoice for that shipment so we can't authenticate the catalog number."

I'm sure most of you advanced collectors know this but I was passing it along for those who might not.