Reassembly problems on a Ruger P95

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Jul 18, 2023
Ethete, Wyoming
I have a P95 and have a couple of problems.
I've watched a half dozen disassembly/reassembly videos.
They all show a single guide rod spring, where mine has 2. I bought it used so, I assume someone added another spring for some reason.
Any ideas?

My main problem is the slide slams against the top of the piece that is part of the decoder assembly on the left side of the gun and won't allow me to bring the slide all the way. Back for reassembly. I have the Maga zine disconnect in the proper downward position and the guide rod is centered.
What am I doing wrong? I normally have no problems with a y of the semis I have but this one is driving me nuts.
I'd appreciate any ideas.
Dec 1, 2007
I'm guessing you have a typo and mean "decocker assembly" Wonder if the 2 spring recoil spring/guide rod assembly is not correct for your gun. I'd try to acquire the OEM guide rod assembly from a trustworthy source and see if that works.

I don't think Ruger supports the pistol you have anymore but maybe someone here has spare parts to sell. Or Numrich Arms/Gun Parts, or Ebay. My experience with Numrich has been spotty. Sometimes I have received parts not related to the gun I ordered parts for, and returning them is so expensive and troublesome I have just about given up on buying from them.
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Mar 5, 2015
the Great State of Wide-open (WY)
First a caveat - I don't have any version of P95 in front of me (sold most of my P-series guns a few years ago).

IIRC all of the P95 models had captured recoil springs, so if yours are loose, someone has modified the assembly. As you can see in the parts diagram, there are normally a couple of little widgets (parts 34 & 35) that keep the twin factory springs captured:

Also, I think all of the P-series handguns need to have the ejector (part 8) rotated down into the magwell to remove the slide; if it popped back up while the slide was off, it will prevent reassembly. So, make sure the mag well is empty and the ejector is rotated forward/down/out of the way (and it sounds like you've already taken care of that).

IIRC, the trigger bar (part 42) projects upward under spring pressure, but I think that should just push down/out of the way as the slide is being installed, unless something is jammed or out of position.

Finally, is your gun a P95 or a P95DC? If it's the 'manual safety model' P95, and the safety is in the down/on position, it will likely contact the sear arm (part 36) when the slide is being installed (but I don't recall if that's enough to hang things up).

You may be way ahead of me on all of the above, but figured I would throw it out there!

As always FWIW, YMMV, IMHO, etc., etc.
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Nov 15, 2005
Greenville, SC: USA
I was thinking it is the ejector too... but then the OP says it down even though he/she (they?) call it a magazine disconnect. actually I'm pretty sure you can disassemble with out pushing the ejector down but for sure don't want to put the slide back on with it up... it will lock up and then you have to do the coat hanger with a small loop on it solution...

I have a P95 that the retaining part came off and got lost or such on the recoil spring... Ruger was happy to send me a replacement. But I think the easier solution might be to just order and buy a wolf spring.


Oct 26, 2007
I just bought a recoil spring set from Ruger about a month ago. They still support this pistol, at least to some extent.

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