rainy day tinkering

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Dec 25, 2007
As a result of some "horse trading" or ammo scalping depending on perspective, I've acquired some mid-grade dot optics and a couple of mini-lasers that mount on weaver type rails. Laying out a couple of 22/45's with the rail attached to the D&T holes on top and playing mix-n-match, I discovered I could fit a red dot behind the ejection port and a mini-laser in front and see both red dot and laser through the portal of the dot optic.
In addition, this oddity fits one of my FOBUS kydex holsters with the sight rail cutout. It's not pretty but does have some useful purpose as a "possum on the porch" pistol replacing the cumbersome and ugly under barrel mounted laser of the previous POTP pistol. Next step is to find batteries for the units and see if it actually works.