overdue update from the hermit...

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Mar 5, 2006
I'm posting this to the 3 people who remember who the heck I am......
Honestly, I don't get much "real", online time... and when I do I end up prioritizing.
My life hasn't changed much... I am still doing my anti social doesn't play well with others bit".... :wink:
Really, my life is pretty regular and repetitive. I cut firewood, haul water, cook food, and repeat. These things are constants in my life.. year round.
The firewood and water jugs seem a bit heavier than last year... But I'm blaming that on polar shift...
I haven't fished as much as I should but I'm going to remedy that this year.
I did have a late run of silvers in my creek... I caught three.... my dog caught five.. ( the little creep).....
I lost my big dog Uljas, (Ool yahz), about a year ago.... It is so different here without him...


The day we moved in full time.. It was just a shell.. but Uljas seemed to settle in pretty quick..

My girl dog Kaksi has filled the void.. I'd be lost without her.... (when she's not pissin me off that is...)

I am in the process.. (the cold and snow shut me down), of putting up a new building to function as a work shop and wood splitting shed.... But that will wait until the snow is gone now. I will shoot video.. That is actually what I do a lot of these days...
I've also built a gasoline shed, (not finished...
If you want, here are a few links to a few of my latest. I am making a little $$$, online but not enough.. so far... I will be spending a lot more time on this summer.. you know.. just before the "real" economic collapse..... :roll:

https://youtu.be/4V6rzP8qoFY (moose chili on the wood stove)

https://youtu.be/kIPVgRM4yKw (building a gasoline shed pt1)

https://youtu.be/TRZmKxOvDCs (moose stew on the wood stove)

https://youtu.be/cm7PP-Ihb7M (one of my product reviews.. little EDC flashlight)

I have been making my own lumber with a bar mill I built... video coming... It is interesting making lumber.. but time consuming... But still cheaper than current prices for commercial.. Who would have thought that!!

As always I plan on getting skunked again during moose season... Actually I will be hunting higher up in the hills where the moose are, that time of year... An old codger.. (not me).. wants help packing... and he has a lot more moose.. It will be "fly-in", so expect video...
I did manage to shoot 6 porcupines this year... three in about an hour... I swear.. a smellier animal I have never met.. especially the males... I feed the meat to my dog.. I won't allow that stuff in my cabin... It kind of has a rancid oil paint smell to it.... really gross..

I will be making another 2 runs, (probably), to town to haul up supplies to get through until the river is open... With these temperatures that won't be long. With daytime temps in the +30's, that river will rot out fast, and it won't heal up at night... So it might get dicey soon...
After that it will be waiting for all the snow to go, and the frost to leave the ground, so I can continue building..
Maybe a spring bear, but my dog runs them off so fast, I can't get a shot unless they tree.... (they won't tree with my dog).

I'll be doing some craft things to sell online this summer, to offset the labor I usually do.... My body just doesn't want to do it any more. Plus I have a gardening gig at a friends place. Trying to offset food prices.
That, and waiting for winter!! I am sure there was something interesting to say.. but I seem to have drawn a blank!!
I'll check back next time I get a chance...
Ciao y'all...


p.s. If you would like to help.. watch one of my product review video's... If you use the link to amazon, that is in under the video, in the description area... and buy what you normally would buy.. I get a little commission..
Nov 15, 2005
Greenville, SC: USA
Five... I was going to post a picture of the knife scabbard Rubin made for me many years ago but I can't figure out where I have stored it....

I'm glad he explained the polar shift.... explains why my wife's Porsche got smaller and my work van is getting taller.


Sep 10, 2010
It's nice to hear from you again Reuben, I enjoy your stories. My condolences to you for the loss of your big dog.


Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Reuben,, you have more folks paying attention to you & care about you than you think.

Post when you can,, but most of all, stay safe & enjoy your life there.


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Jun 27, 2003
Near North Woods,MINN, USA
Worried abt you and wondered! Good to see your smiling words! Ben colder than BH here in your old home country for three months(where I think we met at a Bnd GS(Russ B passed on to the Big Show) Stay safe and warm...Splitz


Jun 26, 2003
OMG.... I was just complaining about snow blowing my tiny driveway for the SECOND time all winter (because it had two inches of slush)....Old age has had a way of changing my 'dreams' of a better place to retire :)))

Glad to hear you are alive and thriving RJC...

p.s. nice work helping that Moose.... hopefully she'll return the favor some day :)



Oct 24, 2011
Glad to hear you are still around and had a chance to make it to town. Stay safe and may your life be fruitful.
Apr 3, 2012
Reuben is living the dream. Its hard work and I doubt I could handle it anymore. But its nice to live vicariously through him.

I’m subscribed to his channel and hit “like” on all his videos. Its free and it helps him. I haven’t had the opportunity to buy anything from his links.

If you are inclined please support him.