New Vaquero

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Jan 25, 2008
Greetings boys !
I got my new vaquero in 357 last week and took it to the range and the thing shot great and i mean great. I was shooting two different kinds of cast 158,s in 357 and cast 148 wadcutters in 38 special and i was kind of shocked that i was so dead on with it. Totally happy with it, now i got to find some grips and im set.
One thing though, i did have my gp-100 with me and the when i went to clean them both i noticed the Vaquero had no leading at all and the gp was leaded up pretty good. I use a bore light and magnifying glass and the leading on the gp kind of surprised me. I took some chore boy and wrapped it up real good on a bronze brush and after say about 5 mins, it was all out. Could it be the barrel is slightly oversized on the gp ? or the cylinders have one slightly larger ?


Feb 22, 2007
So. Florida
A stainless barrel is sometimes a little rougher and takes considerable time to smooth-out (break-in). Also if you have been shooting jacketed ammo in the GP it will take a while before it gets conditioned to lead. You really have to decide one or the other or clean lead out occasionally. And some guns just shoot one or the other better.

Was that any help at all? :roll: :D