Mk III 22/45 Grip Medallions

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I just got a pair of Dominics rubberized grips. All I can say is "wow". This is an awesome product, and for a sweet price to boot! Here's my question:

I'm going to permanently mount these grips, but I want to modify them to accept the Ruger medallions--because I think they should be displayed. I can see the little tits on the inside of the mag well which are the pin part of the medallion. Has anyone ever tried to work these medallions out by prying against that tit? Are they super duper epoxied into the composite frame, or is it just a press fit?

Just thought I'd ask here before I go rogue on my pistol!


contender":3i5nsd50 said:
There should be a spot of "glue" along with the fact they are staked in place.

What do you mean by "staked in place"?
Dec 11, 2002
Ohio , U.S.A.
"staked" ( or maybe swaged?) is the term for spreading the end of the medallion stem, to flair it out and keep it "in the hole"...this 'flair helps to keep the medallion from falling out...the new medallions have a small 'tit' with a point, on the flat of the medallion itself, to keep the medallion from "turning" ( rotating) within its 'Contender' says, a spot of glue when doing a "home-made" job, helps to keep things in place, thus eliminating the need to "stake" ( swage) the stem, and possibly breaking the medallion or if its in the wood or plastic grips, not breaking them..........either way, sounds like a nice touch on the grips you are going to use.......

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