Fun story,, and true

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Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
The joke thread about the old lady & the bank, as well as the following stories made me think of something I know of locally.

A rather wealthy local man went to the orient to get himself a wife. After she got here,, she turned out to be "less than nice". Well, to give her something to do, the husband put her in charge of a fishing pond. (Catfish pond, where folks pay to fish etc.) They had a contest every friday where the biggest fish won a pot of money from the pool of those who put into it.
Another local man who's grandson enjoyed fishing there went there a few times. The grandson wanted to "win the pot." Grandpa noticed that the same few guys always won the pot. So, he went to the lady to discuss it. Now, she was well known to be rude & such. Well, when he went to discuss things with her,, she got very rude, told him that; "I run this place, and I'm in charge. You get the h*** off the property & don't come back."

Well, about 3 weeks later,, the gentleman & grandson arrived back there. The woman immediately started cussing him & told him to get the h*** off the property or she'd call the police. He calmly said to her; "You said you ran this place & that as long as you did I wasn't allowed here. Well, I now own this place,, you are FIRED! Get the h*** off MY property.

The second gentleman was actually wealthier than the man who'd married this woman. And w/o her knowledge,, he'd gone to the owner/husband & bought the place,, JUST TO FIRE HER.

Sadly, that same woman was suspected of trying to poison her hubby (to inherit everything,) and she stole a lot of money & gold etc before he filed for divorce & got her out of his house. Then she fought him tooth & nail trying to get as much as she could out of him. Long, drawn out, messy divorce & such. Last I heard,, it never fully settled, and now the man has passed away.

My gentleman friend who bought the catfish pond,, kept it for a while & then sold it. He too is the kind of man you'd look at & never know his true worth.