Did Some 50 Yard Practice With 10/22

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Jan 14, 2017
Surprise, Az
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What a beautiful day to shoot, no wind, temps in the low 60s and hardly anyone at the range today for the first hour.

My friend and I set the target out to 50 yards. My first time shooting this distance so I figured anything could happen. I shot my Ruger 10/22 with the Clark 20 inch .920 barrel in a Stocky's Euro Stock. Got lots of compliments on how pretty the rifle is and some people thought these were descent groups. I think I still need some work.

Best group was with Norma TAC 22. The last group is a 10 round set and there is only one flyer, my fault.
Federal AutoMatch shows some promise but I think I need to play with the torque settings. Wolf Match Extra did very well. I need more work with my rear bag to get the elevation corrected.

Eley Force didn't do too well today. the 10 shot group isn't bad but I was expecting better. And as always CCI Blazer did quite well. For inexpensive practice ammo that's what I'll probably use most of the time.

My shooting buddy gave me a new cradle to try. It mounts the gun more secure that my front rest and bag so I'm hoping that by eliminating the human factor I can get some MOA groups.


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