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Dec 8, 2005
Lemont, PA, USA 16851
Well, the dyed in the wool Ruger DA collector did it again - I have a BKH-34 Type 1 (sn 5451) AND a BKH-34 Type 2 Transition model (sn 8510) on the way.

So now my blued .357 Mag Blackhawk accumulation is:

4 5/8 OM Flattop (Type 1)
4 5/8 OM Flattop (Type 2 Transition)
6 1/2 OM Flattop (Type 4)
4 5/8 OM
6 1/2 OM
4 5/8 NM
6 1/2 NM
4 5/8 OM Convertible
6 1/2 OM Convertible

All the OM's have NOT been converted.

No KBN's.............................(yet

New additons and one 6 1/2 OM aren't shown.
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Dec 8, 2005
Lemont, PA, USA 16851
So let me get this straight - a pair of SAs = a DA??? Nice ones!


Well, It's a long story. First and foremost I am a Ruger Double Action collector/displayer, always was always will be. I specialize in the Six series DA's (Security Six, Service/Police Service Six, Speed Six) and also have pretty good collection of GP100's. And I own at least two of each of Rugers DA revolver series (Six series, GP100, Redhawk, SP101, Super Redhawk, LCR).

That said, over the past couple years I have stumbled on to some really nice .357 Blackhawks (at excellent prices). I tell the SA guys that I will not turn down a Ruger Single Action if it's a good price as I can always use it/them for trading material. Well, lo and behold, I was doing some rearranging to determine what size safe to get next and saw I had a pretty nice selection of blued Flattop, OM and NM .357 Blackhawks. Thought to myself, "Ron, why not finish off the basic blued .357 Blackhawks (Flattop, OM, NM, Convertibles in 4 5/8 and 6 1/2 inch barrels)"? Well, that happened this week when I found the 4 5/8 Flattop and ended up actually getting two from a guy here on the forum.

Now I'll try something different and see if I can incorporate them into a display along with my double actions.

Oh, I also do own other Rugers, if you're a Ruger guy, you have to own a Super Blackhawk .44 Mag and a Blackhawk .45 Colt as well as a Bearcat, Single Six, Wrangler, P-series, SR series, Standard/Mark series and Ruger rifles :D


Jun 26, 2003
OM's are the greatest in my opinion... easy to work on, great triggers.
About 43 years after the NM's came out, I bought one. I like it a lot, but no comparison in my mind to an OM.

CONGRATULATIONS on some good hardware.