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Nov 5, 2007
I know this topic comes up a lot. About both good and bad customer service. I think it (customer service ) might be better in small independent shops. Last April I bought a used sofa and chair and had the cushions recovered on the sofa. I had to paint the frames first.... just one at a time... So as the weather in Dallas is finally comfortable enough to get back to the garage, I repainted the chair. I went back to the same upholstery store with the chair cushions and immediately the guy not only recognized me but remembered which fabric I bought the first time. Incredible! They even gave me the same price.

Pretty nice all the way around. And yes, my visit in April was the first time I had been in that store, so it wasn't like I was a long time repeat customer.


Jan 14, 2011
Our local shops seem to run either one extreme or the other. Some of them are like the one you describe while others are run by real jerks who act like they are doing you a favor by doing business with you. The latter are usually one trip visits with me.


Jul 19, 2015
Had a really good experience with the folks at Ruger. When I got my new RH I determined that I was going to want (need :roll: ) a higher visibility sight. Got on the Ruger website and bought one of the replacement front sights that showed to be for the RH. When it arrived I quickly discovered that it was for another style of gun. I called CS at Ruger...they realized that the website had not been changed yet (the new 45/45 RH uses the "tip-in" front sight with the detent pin above the muzzle). They sent me the correct sight and told me to keep the one they had sent earlier. They ain't the quickest in the shipping department, but they do make things right for the customer. :)

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