Blackhawk rear sights

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Jeff H

Jul 9, 2009
Cincinnati, OH
The Blackhawk that I bought a while ago was used and came with a red dot scope. The scope mount takes the place of the rear sight and uses the tapped hole for the elevation adjustment to mount the rail. Needless to say the gun shop I bought it from didn't have the rear sight. Now since I only target shoot with this gun, the scope was one reason I bought the gun in the 1st place, but I've always thought the original sights would be nice to have.

I've checked the parts manuals for the rear sight and there is about 10 or more parts including all the springs and screws so my question is this: Do I need to buy all the parts separately from Ruger or do they make an entire complete rear sight kit with all the needed parts. I've looked at Brownells and the aftermarket ones are on the expensive side.