Birdshead back from Ruger

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Jan 26, 2008
north carolina
I picked up this birdshead 45acp a few months at a local gun show. I shot it several times using Winchester white box 45 hardball ammo and it worked great. A couple weeks later I decided to shoot some Federal hardball. When you loaded it up, the cylinder wouldn't turn. I took the cylinder out and put rounds in all the chambers and noticed that 2 of the cartridges didn't seat all the way. They stuck out bout 1/16th of an inch. I believe the cases on the Federal are a little longer than the Winchester. I sent it back to Ruger on their dollar and they kept it almost 6 weeks. Got it back Friday and now it works great. I gotta say they did an excellent job on it. They put a new cylinder in it.



May 19, 2013
Sweet! I just picked up a Talo .45ACP birdshead myself, and based on forum threads I've seen the first thing I checked was chambering with several different factory loads. Mine appears to be OK, and it's a blast to shoot.

Enjoy the new old gun!

Chuck 100 yd

Mar 20, 2010
Ridgefield WA
I sorted through my brass and found a couple hundred pieces that measure the same length and fit my Vaquaros chambers properly and are all the same head stamp.
As I load ALL my own ammo,my ACP revolvers have custom tailored ammo.
Manufacturing tolerances (gun or ammo)are not close enough to allow all factory ammo to fit exactly. That is why one should try different brands and stick with the brand that works best in your gun. Buy a chamber gauge to check all loaded ammo for fit if you must shoot store bought ammo.