Acronym shortcuts help for semi-newbie

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Nov 8, 2009
Yucca Valley CA
Can you all help me out with definitions on some of these BTTs, bump, IMHO, etc...Come across ALOT of these and just want to know what I'm reading. If you can think of more plz add.

If I'm posting in the wrong area just advise and I'll move it over somewhere else.

My career in aviation has tons of acronyms but the ones I'm seeing on our Ruger forum are more text type shortcuts that I am not familiar with.

Thanks a bunch!
Dec 30, 1999
BBT = Back To Top
IMHO = In My Honest Opinion
IMO = In My Opinion
bump = simply making a post to bump the thread (usually a classifieds thread) to the top to get more looks/attention

I would think though that whereas this has ZERO to do with revolvers and this is the "revolvers" section it just might not be the right place. Hmmmm...maybe the lounge perhaps. You're excused this once. :)

Remember, it's the internet. type your query into any search engine and you'll get a LOT of results. ;)


Oct 29, 2009
OK, I give up.

DRT Document Related Technologies
DRT Diplôme de Recherche Technologique (French)
DRT Disaster Response Team
DRT Demand Responsive Transport (public transportation)
DRT Durham Region Transit (Canada)
DRT Daughters of the Republic of Texas
DRT Do the Right Thing
DRT Dead Right There
DRT Debt Recovery Tribunal (India)
DRT Del Rio, Texas (border patrol sector)
DRT Diagnostic Rhyme Test
DRT Dead Reckoning Tracer
DRT Del Rio, TX, USA (Airport Code)
DRT Direction de la Recherche Technologique (French)
DRT Design Review Team
DRT Dining Room Table
DRT Disregard Tape (order instruction that can be given to a broker)
DRT Deep Reconnaissance Team
DRT Dwarven Ringmail Tunic (Everquest reference)
DRT Developer Regression Test
DRT Diversion Recovery Tool (FAA)
DRT Disaster Recovery Terminal
DRT Dutchess Rail Trail (New York)
DRT Dive Rescue Team
DRT Dilation Reflection Translation (mathmatics)
DRT Data Relay Terminal
DRT Derosa Research and Trading, Inc.
DRT Division Reconnaissance Team
DRT Decision Response Time
DRT Diode Recovery Tester
DRT Dose, Rate, Length Time of Exposure (radiation)
DRT Detected Replies Table
DRT Discharge Retention Tank
DRT Distortion-Rate Tradeoff
DRT Distance equals Rate multiplied by Time
DRT Disposition, Reflection, Triad (band Tool's songs)
DRT Dome Roof Tank (oil storage)
DRT Domestic Return Time (curfew)