A little tinkering!!!

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Jul 6, 2010
I did some tinkering and experiments to my 627.

I added a wolffe recoil spring and 14# rebound spring.

The first hiccup that occured was light primer strikes on 4 out of 7 brands of ammo I tried, that was with the retaining screw bottomed out. I will say that the trigger feels amazing though. So, to address the issue I took some measurements and figured out that the valley in the Wolffe Spring is .003 deeper than the factory spring. Unfortunately the screw would not go any deeper so I went shopping and found some 8-32 × 1/2" stainless set screws. I added some blue loctite and let it set up over night. Today, I toyed with the depth on the set screw to get the lightest trigger pull with 100% primer ignition. It took a few attempts but after about an hour I have a trigger pull of 6.4# with 100% ignition on every type of ammo (both factory and reloads) I tried. Ammo from Underwood, Freedom, Norma, Speer and Buffalo Bore. Primers (both magnum and standard) from Winchester, Federal and CCI. The trigger is absolutely incredible!!!
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